Wednesday, 11 April 2012

lot 3

 toilet wall leaning out
 toilet wall not tied into house?
wall/rooms above alley

 further down alley -blocked with rubbish/further on blocked with large trees
 plaster loss above alley
victorian plaster corbel missing under top window

 coal hole on street / handrail missing

lot 2

 stairs - sand, plaster walls
 stair window to garden
 end of garden to house
 rear extentions
 rear extentions
 side ally - no gate/crumbling wall/leaning toilet wall
 wooden lintel above wall needs replacing/leaning toilet wall/bricks to top of toilet wall missing
 windows at rear need replacing as does all face'boards/guttering
 concrete window ledges need replacing
outside wall to toilet is leaning (see gap) tack-on porch needs removing

lot 1

wonkey chimney
all woodwork is good -needs sanding/painting/repairs to plaster
bay window woodwork at top to replace/repair to bay roof/replace glass in sash window
stairs to basement room
door to basement room/coal hole
handrail missing at one side of front door
inside roof -no felt/no insulation/repairs needed -needs another viewing
beams in roof seem ok but need another viewing
one of bedrooms -fireplaces removed -all walls need stripping/plastering/wire/plumb etc